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Omnibus Rulemaking: Docket No. 58-0000-2000F

Rulemaking initiated for the promulgation of IDAPA 58 fee rule chapters adopted by the Board as temporary rules in February 2020 and proposed revisions.

Status of Rulemaking

Pending fee rules adopted by Board on November 5, 2020.  Final and effective upon adjournment of 2021 legislative session if approved by the Idaho Legislature. Temporary fee rule chapter IDAPA 58.01.13 adopted by the Board with an effective date of November 6, 2020.


On February 13, 2020, the Board adopted as temporary fee rules the IDAPA 58 rule chapters as they were presented in the pending rule docket adopted by the Board in 2019 and submitted to the Second Regular Session of the 65th Idaho Legislature for review (2019 pending rule dockets). The 2019 pending rule dockets are posted in the 2020 Legislative Rules Review Books. The IDAPA 58 fee rule chapters and the 2019 pending rule dockets are listed below.

This proposed rule includes 1) the temporary fee rules adopted by the Board in February 2020, and 2) revisions to several fee rule chapters as listed below. The details are in the Notice of Omnibus Rulemaking – Proposed Rulemaking.

Revisions made to the February 2020 temporary fee rules are not considered changes to existing rules and, therefore, are not shown in strike-out/underline format. For revisions that were negotiated, the strike-out/underline format proposed revisions are available for viewing in the latest posted negotiated rule drafts. The negotiated rulemaking records, including negotiated rulemaking summaries and negotiated rule drafts, are available on the web page links provided below.

IDAPA 58.01.01, Rules for the Control of Air Pollution in Idaho

  • Docket No. 58-0101-1903
  • Docket No. 58-0101-1904
  • Docket No. 58-0101-1905
  • Revisions Updating Federal Regulations Incorporated by Reference

IDAPA 58.01.05, Rules and Standards for Hazardous Waste

  • Docket No. 58-0000-1900F
  • Docket No. 0105-1901
  • Revisions Updating Federal Regulations Incorporated by Reference

IDAPA 58.01.06, Solid Waste Management Rules

IDAPA 58.01.07, Rules Regulating Underground Storage Tank Systems

  • Docket No. 58-0000-1900F

IDAPA 58.01.08, Idaho Rules for Public Drinking Water Systems

  • Docket No. 58-0000-1900F

IDAPA 58.01.09, Rules Regulating Swine Facilities

  • Docket No. 58-0109-1901

IDAPA 58.01.11, Rules Ground Water Quality Rule

  • Docket No. 58-0111-1901

IDAPA 58.01.12, rules for Administration of Water Pollution Control Loans

 IDAPA 58.01.13, Rules for Ore Processing by Cyanidation

IDAPA 58.01.14, Rules Governing Fees for Environmental Operating Permits, Licenses, and Inspection Services

  • Docket No. 58-0000-1900F

IDAPA 58.01.18, Idaho Land Remediation Rules

  • Docket No. 58-0000-1900F

IDAPA 58.01.20, Rules for Administration of Drinking Water Program 

IDAPA 58.01.25, Rules Regulating the Idaho Pollution Discharge Elimination System Program

Method for Submitting Comments

Submit all written comments by mail, fax or email to:

Paula Wilson
Idaho Department of Environmental Quality
1410 N. Hilton, Boise, ID 83706
Fax: (208) 373-0481
Paula Wilson 

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Comment on 58.01.01

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Comment on 58.01.05

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Comment on 58.01.06No comments receivedN/A
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Comment on 58.01.08No comments receivedN/A
Comment on 58.01.09No comments receivedN/A
Comment on 58.01.11No comments receivedN/A
 Comment on 58.01.12No comments receivedN/A
Comment on 58.01.13Idaho Mining Association (IMA)10/16/20
Comment on 58.01.13Idaho Conservation League (ICL)10/16/20
Comment on 58.01.14No comments receivedN/A
Comment on 58.01.18No comments receivedN/A
Comment on 58.01.25No comments receivedN/A

Comment on Docket No. 58-0000-2000F

Certificate of Hearing for the October 7, 2020, Public Hearing on Proposed Rule
(Members of the public attended the hearing but did not present oral comments.)


November 6, 2020 (temporary rule IDAPA 58.01.13)
March 20, 2020 (temporary rule)

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