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Interactive Mapping and GIS Data

DEQ’s interactive mapping applications are an effective tool for collecting, storing, analyzing, and visualizing data that have spatial characteristics. We use this geographic data to display a variety of map-based information related to air quality and water quality. These applications include real-time air quality monitoring, surface and ground water quality evaluations, source water protection, and potential contaminant inventories.

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Air Quality

  • Air Quality Monitoring Website – Displays DEQ’s air quality monitoring activities throughout Idaho, and provides real-time air quality data for each location.

Surface Water Quality

  • DEQ’s Final 2022 Integrated Report– An interactive, map-based source of information on water quality of lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and streams in Idaho for the 2022 Integrated Report.

Ground Water Quality

  • Idaho Nitrate Priority Areas (2020) – Displays ground water quality areas where nitrate concentrations potentially degrade drinking water quality (25% of sampled wells exceed 5 milligrams per liter). The areas are evaluated and prioritized for allocating resources to develop and implement improvement strategies.
  • DEQ Ground Water Quality Data – An interactive, map-based source of information on ground water quality analytical data collected by DEQ or DEQ contractors. DEQ investigates ground water quality in regional and local areas where contamination is known or is suspected to have occurred.

Source Water Assessment and Protection

  • Source Water Assessment and Protection – Shows Idaho’s source water protection areas and potential contaminant inventory. DEQ uses source water assessment information to oversee public waters systems in Idaho and determine the likelihood that a water supply will be contaminated.
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