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Nonpoint Source Subgrants in Idaho

DEQ offers two grant opportunities to address nonpoint sources (NPS) of pollution: Federal § 319 funds target a variety of nonpoint source projects while state funds address agricultural best management practices and are offered to a more limited audience. These grants are awarded annually on a competitive basis.

Federal § 319 Grants

Section § 319 of the Clean Water Act established a grant program under which states, territories, and tribes may receive funds to support a wide variety of nonpoint source pollution management activities. DEQ is the state agency responsible for administering this grant program in Idaho.

A successful § 319 grant request must focus on reducing pollutants and improving the water quality of lakes, streams, rivers, and aquifers. Funds may be used to address a variety of NPS management and prevention activities:

  • Agriculture (except those activities covered by a draft or final Idaho Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (IPDES) permit).
  • Urban stormwater runoff (except instances covered by a draft or final IPDES permit).
  • Transportation (except instances covered by a draft or final IPDES permit).
  • Silvicultural or forestry-related activities.
  • Mining (except those activities covered by a draft or final IPDES permit).
  • Ground water activities (to the extent identified by the state’s NPS management program, including source water protection efforts that involve regional collaboration or have the statewide application).
  • Hydrologic and habitat modification and related activities (including wetlands reconstruction).

State Agricultural Best Management Practices Grants

The Idaho Legislature provides additional appropriation dollars annually to increase pollution reduction efforts in Idaho. These State funds are to be used for them implementation of agricultural best management practices (BMPs) to help meet water quality standards in impaired water bodies in Idaho.

Application Process

In 2021, we moved to downloadable templates for both the application and project budget. Those will then be submitted via email. Instructions are in the accordion below.

For existing project invoicing continue to use the online process.

For technical assistance contact your local regional office using the resources below.

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Open Applications: March 14 – April 14, 2021 (contingent upon legislative appropriation)


  • Used by farmers and ranchers to modify their agricultural practices to improve water quality and meet the objectives of total maximum daily load requirements.
  • Target projects that are ready to implement
  • One-year implementation timeframe
  • Basin Advisory Groups prioritize project proposals

Open Application Period: April 15 – July 15, 2021

Idaho Prioritizes:

  • Implementing management practices that reduce pollutant loads
  • Projects linked directly to pollutants identified in total maximum daily loads and implementation plans
  • Detailed work plans and budgets
  • Involving multiple partners and leveraging other funding sources
  • Project contracts have three-year implementation timeframes
  • Basin Advisory Groups prioritize project proposals
  • Funds awarded to a project cannot exceed $250,000
  • 40% match required (based on the minimum total project cost)
    • NPS awarded funds/0.6)*0.4 = 40% minimum match requirement
  • Maximum Administrative Budget (not to exceed 10% of the grant award)

Pursuant to § 319(h)(12), administrative costs in the form of salaries, overhead, or indirect costs for services provided and charged against activities and programs carried out with the grant shall not exceed 10% of the grant award.

The costs of implementing enforcement and regulatory activities, education, training, technical assistance, demonstration projects, and technology transfer are not subject to this limitation. Activities, sub-awards, and projects that fall under the six exempted categories listed above are not required to track administrative costs for the purposes of this provision.

  • Administrative (non-project specific)/Indirect cap calculation: 

           Example of the 10% cap on a NPS award of $20,000

           $20,000 *0.1 = $2,000 maximum

  • Monitoring, outreach, and education.

The combined cost for monitoring and outreach and education cannot exceed 10% of the awarded NPS funds.

  • Receipts for all costs must be included with invoices submitted for reimbursement.

Be prepared to justify your reimbursement requests with a timesheet if requested. 

Application materials are provided in the Resources at the bottom of this web page.

  1. The application deadline is the end of the day for the application period.
  2. Download and fill out all fields in the application pdf.
  3. Download and fill out the budget template
    • Optional resource: the NPS budget development tool can help plan a detailed budget.
  1. Email complete application materials to
    • Title subject line as follows:  Title of project – the name of BAG reviewing your project (e.g., FFY2022-Boulder Creek Stabilization – Clearwater BAG)
    • Include the following:
      • Completed budget template
      • Completed application template
      • Maps, letters of recommendation, and supporting documentation.

State Grant

March 15 – April 15Call for State Agricultural Grant Application
June 1The statewide rank of projects complete
July 1State funding available for distribution and contract development begins

Federal § 319 Grant

April 15 – July 15Call for Federal 319 grant Application
July-AugustApplication technical reviews and regional BAG meetings are set to hear presentations and rank
October 31All regional BAG ranking completed
DecemberStatewide prioritization of projects by BAG chairmen and final recommendation delivered to DEQ
July/AugustThe following calendar year, funding becomes available and contract development begins

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Nonpoint Source (319) Coordinator

Julia Achabal
(208) 373-0321

Invoice and final report contact:

Grants and Loans Analyst

Bonnie Ricord
(208) 373-0439


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