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Water Quality Guidance Development

DEQ uses guidance documents to help DEQ staff, the regulated community, and the general public better understand how individual rules will be applied to certain situations. Completed DEQ guidance documents are available on our Guidance page.

DEQ uses a process similar to the legislative negotiated rulemaking process to develop guidance documents once a rule has been adopted. Guidance documents currently in development for each bureau are found under the appropriate tabs below.

Guidance documents are intended to provide assistance to the public and DEQ staff in implementing applicable rules and programs.  Guidance may include memoranda, manuals, policy statements, interpretations of law or rules, and other material that are of general applicability, whether prepared by the agency alone or jointly with other persons. Guidance documents are intended to serve as primary reference tools to assist those within the regulated community interpret and comply with rules promulgated to the agency by the State Legislature. Finalized guidance documents for each bureau are found on our Guidance page. 

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