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Permit and Application Fees

The table below outlines the fees associated with our permits and applications. These fees cover administrative and operational costs associated with our permit programs.

  • Air
  • Water
  • Waste

To obtain an air quality Permit to Construct (PTC) an application fee and a processing fee are required.

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PTC Application Fee

An application fee of $1,000 is required with any permit to construct (PTC) application submitted to DEQ. DEQ will not begin processing the application until the application fee is received.

PTC Processing Fee

A PTC processing fee is assessed for each PTC that is issued, based on any increase in air pollution emissions resulting from the permitted project. DEQ calculates and assesses PTC processing fees according to the schedule (fugitive emissions are excluded).

Permit to ConstructFee
General Permit1$500
Emissions <1 ton per year$1,000
Emissions = 1-10 tons per year$2,500
Emmissions = 10-100 tons per year$5,000
Emissions >100 tons per year
(exempt under IDAPA
Emissions >100 tons per year
(not exempt under IDAPA 58.01.01205.04)
Modification with no engineering analysis$250

Fee Payment – Submit upon receipt of DEQ assessment. Must be paid in full before the final permit will be issued.

1General Permit Facilities include portable concrete batch plants, hot mix asphalt plants, and rock crushing plants.

2IDAPA lists sources exempt from the permit requirements for new facilities or major modifications in attainment or unclassifiable areas.

Pay by check 

Make checks payable to the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality. Send the completed application and check to the following:

Idaho Department of Environmental Quality
Attn: Financial Office – Air Quality Program
1410 N. Hilton St.
Boise, ID 83706

Pay by Credit Card / E-Check

Link to Access Idaho website at
(Note: Convenience fee of 3% applies to credit card payments, $5 to E-check payments.)

Pay by Bank Wire Transfer

Contact Lisa Pierce, DEQ Financial Office
(208) 373-0213

PTC application and processing fees are not required for the following:

  • Exempted sources listed in the “Rules for the Control of Air Pollution in Idaho” (IDAPA–223), or
  • Changes to correct typographical errors, or
  • Changes in name or ownership of the holder of a PTC when DEQ determines no other review or analysis is required.


Individual permits are subject to fees according to the fee schedule identified at IDAPA For municipal treatment works, the fee is calculated at a rate of $1.74 per equivalent dwelling unit (EDU). More information on EDUs is available in the Idaho Pollutant Discharge Elimination System: User's Guide to Permitting and Compliance Volume 1—General Information.

Individual permit fees for industrial applicants are set at flat rates of $4,000 for minor facilities and $13,000 for major facilities. Minor and major facility rankings are determined using the IPDES Permit Ranking Worksheet.


Permit TypeApplicationAnnual
MunicipalN/A$1.74 per EDU1
Storm WaterN/AN/A
Construction General Permit (CGP)$200$0
1–10 acres$200$0
10–50 acres$400$75
50–100 acres$750$100
100–500 acres$1,000$400
>500 acres$1,250$400
Low Erosivity Waiver$125$0
Industrial (Multi-Sector General Permit [MSGP])$1,500$1,000
Certificate of No Exposure (MSGP)$250$100
Other General Permits$0$0

Hazardous Waste - Commercial hazardous waste facilities (those not owned by government entities) are required under IDAPA to submit a “Hazardous Waste Siting License Fee.” The amount of the fee is based on site size and waste volumes expected (as cited in the rule) in the following chart:

License Fee Scale – Projected Hazardous Waste Volume (gallons)
Site SizeUp to 10,00010,000-20,000More than 20,000
1 acre or greater$3,000$4,000$7,500
Equal to or greater than ½ acre but less than 1 acre$4,000$5,000$7,500
Less than ½ acre$5,000$6,000$7,500
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