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Confined Animal Feeding Operations Improvement Subgrants in Idaho

DEQ, in partnership with the Idaho State Department of Agriculture and the agricultural industry, will again offer grant opportunities for the state fiscal year 2025 to support environmental improvement programs on confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) that implement improvements in soil, water, and air quality with an emphasis on manure and nutrient management. Idaho’s legislature appropriated $2 million in state general funds to support this program for the fiscal year 2025.  

This year’s grant application period opens on July 1, 2024, and closes on August 31, 2024. Following closure, the CAFO Improvement Fund Committee will review and recommend projects for funding. In November, successful applicants will be notified of the award. 

Funds may be used for projects to protect and improve air, water, or soil quality or reduce greenhouse gas emissions on the CAFO site. Projects eligible for CAFO improvement grants are not eligible for funding under the Clean Water Act § 319 Nonpoint Source Grant program or the Idaho Agricultural Best Management Practices fund.  

In October 2023, the committee awarded $5 million to 14 applicants to support environmental improvement projects in the agricultural industry. The successful applicants demonstrated a significant improvement in current operations, ranked highest in water and air quality protection categories, and included one or more of the following components:  

 Funded Projects included: 

  • DariTech Biolynk water recycling system 
  • Screw presses 
  • Centrifuge 
  • DariTech DT 360 presses 
  • Sloped screens 
  • Separation building 
  • New lagoon construction 
  • Reverse osmosis system 
  • Pump for lagoon to add acreage for lagoon water application 
  • Advanced distillation 
  • Pipeline to additional acreage for lagoon water application 

 A successful CAFO grant must meet the following criteria: 

  • A minimum of 40% of the total project costs must come from sources other than the CAFO improvement fund.
  • Projects must start within one year of the award and be completed within three years. 
  • Producer must have an approved and current Environmental/Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) according to state regulations and must comply with the plan, as demonstrated by the most recent NMP review. 
  • Demonstrate how the project, equipment, or practice will be maintained over time. 
  • The project must be implemented within the CAFO management area. 

Upcoming Meetings

Application Process

Applications for the state fiscal year 2025 awards will be accepted July 1, 2024, through August 31, 2024. Applications will be reviewed for completeness and then sent to the CAFO Improvement Fund Committee for scoring and prioritization. Applications will be accepted online using DEQ’s Amplifund platform. The grant opportunity material will be available soon on this web page and in the Resources box below. An informational meeting will be held on July 15, and a follow-up meeting conducted on August 19 will provide assistance to interested parties.  

The committee will review the applications received, prioritize the projects, and meet in October 2024 to recommend projects to DEQ for funding. DEQ will work with individual applicants to enter into subaward contracts. After the committee makes recommendations, letters will be mailed to all applicants informing them of their application status. 

DEQ strongly recommends all potential applicants download the CAFO Workplan prior to starting an application (also found at the bottom of this page). This workplan will be uploaded as part of the application and will be useful in calculating your budget.

Budget Conditions

CAFO improvement grants require the applicant to fund 40% of the total project cost. In the project application, the applicant can identify the total budget and the amount of grant funds requested. The applicant may also identify cost categories including personnel, supplies, or equipment. More information will be available in the grant application guide.   

Invoice Process

Once an applicant is awarded a grant, DEQ will work with the facility to enter into a subaward. CAFO improvement projects will be reimbursed regularly after the facility submits an invoice to DEQ for payment. DEQ and the applicant will use the new software platform for invoice submittal and payment. Receipts must be uploaded through the applicant portal to process a payment request. Invoices must be legible and organized to show how a particular payment request aligns with the project work plan.  

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