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Report an Environmental Concern

Please share your opinion about an environmental issue or tell us about a possible environmental violation.

If this is an emergency or to report an urgent environmental problem, call 911.

Reports from Idahoans are an important element of enforcing Idaho’s environmental laws. Submitting an online complaint using this form is the best way to ensure an efficient response to your complaint. After submitting the form,  a DEQ team member is assigned to your issue and will contact you. Here are examples of complaints you can offer to DEQ:

  • Mismanagement of asbestos and hazardous waste
  • Unauthorized release of (deliberate or accidental) harmful chemicals, wastewater, oil, or sewage to the ground or water
  • Construction or other activity causing a stream or river to become murky
  • Illegal dumping site
  • Outdoor burning on state-designated non-burn days or burning illegal materials (rubber, plastic, tires, asbestos, food waste).”
  • Strange-tasting drinking water
  • Excess/sustained dust in the air

Report an Environmental Concern

Share your opinion about an environmental issue, express your concerns, or let us know about a possible environmental violation.

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