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INL Oversight Program

DEQ’s Idaho National Laboratory Oversight Program (INL OP) evaluates the actual or potential environmental and public health impacts of US Department of Energy (DOE) activities at the INL. Members of our staff conduct monitoring at the INL site, review and comment on DOE planning and decision-making documents, and stay up-to-date on how facilities are managed.

Our INL OP also tracks inventories and handling of nuclear waste at INL. This information helps guide the monitoring and emergency planning efforts.

The INL OP staff serve on the Western Governors’ Association Waste Isolation Pilot Plant Transportation Technical Advisory Group and represent the State of Idaho. This group works collaboratively with DOE to maintain a comprehensive transportation safety program to ensure the safe shipment of transuranic radioactive wastes within the western states.

Monitoring Activities

Contaminants / Sampling

Gamma Radiation Measures

Emergency Preparedness

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