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DEQ’s Waste Management and Remediation Program oversees sites in Idaho that generate or manage wastes or have released wastes into the environment and require remediation. The sites are displayed on the Facility Mapper and categorized into various regulatory programs. The Facility Mapper is hosted by a third party and can be accessed by clicking the image.

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Facility Mapper (FM), developed in partnership with Terradex, Inc., helps the public, local governments, and environmental consultants find the location and details of sites managed by Waste Management and Remediation programs. This includes information on sites that have had activity and use limitations implemented in the form of environmental covenants (EC).

Sites that are involved in a permitted activity or require remediation are included in FM. Older sites with small incidental releases and sites that lack sufficient locational information may not be included in FM.

The Facility Mapper tool displays sites in a web-accessible map with keyword searches and pan and zoom navigation. Once a site is selected, the “Feature Information” tab lists programs implemented at the site and basic program identification and contact information. For sites with UST facilities, clicking the UST hyperlink in the “Feature Information” tab will take the user directly to the UST-LUST database. The tab also provides direct access to a site’s EC documents.

“Advanced Search” and “Radius Search” are accessible through links located to the right of the “Location” and “Filter” search tools in the map view.

“Advanced Search” allows in-depth searches of all sites and the ability to create and download customized lists that can be imported to a spreadsheet application. The “Radius Search” allows the user to select, create, and download lists of sites located within a specific radius distance from a user-identified address.

FM can sort and show only sites associated with individual programs. If more information on a particular site is needed, a link to DEQ’s public records requests submittal form is provided.

Detailed instructions for FM search functions and answers to frequently asked questions are available by clicking the “Help” and “FAQ” tabs.

DEQ records do not provide location information for some sites. Unmapped sites can be identified through the “Advanced Search” tool. As more accurate location information is obtained, these sites will become viewable on the map.

FM is provided for informational purposes only. While every effort is made to ensure that the information provided is accurate, DEQ makes no guarantees or warranty of the accuracy or comprehensiveness of the information provided. The data provided in the FM is updated approximately twice a month.

The Facility Mapper links below are categorized by regulatory programs.

Brownfields Program

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Brownfields Program Coordinator

Eric Traynor
(208) 373-0565

Voluntary Cleanup Program Manager

Derek Young
(208) 373-0525

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