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As part of DEQ’s responsibility to protect Idaho’s water resources, permits are required for the disposal of wastewater. There are two main permitting programs depending on how a facility wishes to dispose of the treated effluent. If a facility intends to discharge to a surface water body—a river, lake, reservoir, or stream—the facility should apply for an Idaho Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit. If the facility wishes to use the treated effluent as recycled water to apply to crops or other beneficial uses, the facility should apply for a reuse permit.

In some instances (e.g., federally licensed dams or dredge and fill permits) DEQ reviews the application the entity submits and determines whether or not a federal agency (e.g., the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or the US Army Corps of Engineers) can issue a permit that would comply with Idaho’s water quality standards. This authority stems from section 401 of the Clean Water Act, and these are often referred to as Section 401 Certifications.

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IPDES Individual Permit Supervisor

Matthew Stutzman
(208) 373-0247

IPDES General Permit Supervisor

Angela Anderson
(208) 373-0560

Reuse Permits

Kerry Neil
(208) 373-0278

401 Certification Lead

Tambra Phares
(208) 373-0187

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