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Air Quality Forecasts

DEQ provides air quality forecasts throughout the state. Forecasts utilize current monitoring data, weather prediction models and meteorological observations to project anticipated pollutant concentrations. For example, a wintertime stagnation event would result in forecasters anticipating elevated pollutant concentrations and thereby issuing worsening air quality forecasts. We are required to provide forecast information for areas with populations over 350,000 people, and we also provide forecasts for many smaller communities.

Our regional offices issue daily forecasts on our Air Quality Forecasts page and on EPA’s AirNow pages. An Air Quality Index (AQI) category is assigned for each forecasted day. The pollutant with the highest AQI projected for that day is the one used for the forecast. Particulate matter and ozone are typically the highest pollutants driving the forecasts.

A variety of other helpful information is found on our Air Quality Forecasts page:

  • Smoke management advisories and tips
  • Crop Residue Burning map
  • Health information and precautionary actions associated with each AQI category
  • AQI trends for 10-day periods
  • Links to other helpful tools
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