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P2 for Businesses

DEQ works with businesses across Idaho to increase efficiency and reduce waste, emissions, and chemical use. Learn how your business can partner with DEQ to increase efficiency, improve workplace safety, and reduce operating costs.

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DEQ recognizes several Idaho businesses as P2 Champions for reducing pollution each year.  We are pleased to recognize these businesses’ leadership and encourage others to adopt similar pollution-reduction strategies to benefit all Idahoans.

DEQ partners with TechHelp, Idaho’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership, to train businesses on Lean Six Sigma methods. These principles focus on improving performance and service delivery by eliminating waste and pollution, assessing value-added activities, and optimizing processes. By reducing or eliminating the generation of pollution and waste, Lean Six Sigma processes can help businesses save money and increase efficiency. Learn about more case studies on EPA’s web page

If your company is interested in participating in a Lean Six Sigma training, contact our pollution prevention coordinator for more information.

Every year, DEQ’s Clean Air Zone partners help reduce thousands of pounds of hazardous air emissions by reducing idling time in loading zones. We work with schools and businesses across Idaho to encourage drivers to turn off vehicles while waiting.

Join the Clean Air Zone and help reduce vehicle pollution! DEQ helps all types of businesses implement a Clean Air Zone program. Contact our pollution prevention coordinator to receive your materials today!

Chemicals perform anSelecting Safer Chemicals unimaginable number of critical functions in modern society. Pick any product and chemicals are essential to even the most basic functions of that product. When a chemical is identified to perform a certain task, the first expectation is that the chemical is capable of performing that task. However, new research is challenging the application and historical use of some chemicals due to concerns about human health and environmental impacts. Below are a series of chemicals that have been identified as having significant human health or environmental impacts, as well as safer replacements for those chemicals for specific applications.

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