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Water Quality

DEQ’s Water Quality Divisions ensure the state’s surface, ground, and drinking water resources meet state water quality standards. The divisions’ major duties include the following:

  • Adopting water quality standards to protect public health and meet the requirements of the federal Clean Water Act.
  • Certifying that projects requiring federal permits or licenses will not violate water quality standards.
  • Monitoring, assessing, and reporting on surface water quality.
  • Working with community, industry, and citizen groups to develop and implement water quality improvement plans.
  • Providing grants for water quality improvement activities.
  • Working with public health districts to ensure public drinking water systems meet state requirements.
  • Protecting ground water from pollution and cleaning up degraded ground water to support beneficial uses.
  • Providing guidance for managing storm water discharges.
  • Establishing standards for treating and disposing of wastewater managed by septic systems that are not served by public sewer systems.
  • Issuing wastewater reuse permits, establish wastewater reuse limits, provide technical assistance, conduct inspections, and enforce permits.


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