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Water Pollution Control Loans: Docket No. 58-0112-1901

Rulemaking initiated in response to Executive Order No. 2019-02, Red Tape Reduction Act, issued by Governor Little on January 21, 2019.

Status of Rulemaking

Proposed rule scheduled for publication in the special edition of the Idaho Administrative Bulletin (Bulletin) on September 16, 2020; comment deadline October 16, 2020.

All IDAPA 58 temporary fee rule chapters, including the revisions negotiated and proposed under Docket No. 58-0112-1901, will be published as proposed rules in Omnibus Rulemaking Docket No. 58-0000-2000F


DEQ initiated this rulemaking in response to Executive Order No. 2019-02, Red Tape Reduction Act, issued by Governor Little on January 21, 2019. Upon review of its existing rules, DEQ determined that its two revolving loan rule chapters could be simplified and consolidated into a single chapter. DEQ proposes to delete IDAPA 58.01.20, Rules for Administration of Drinking Water Loan Program, and merge necessary and relevant sections of IDAPA 58.01.20 with IDAPA 58.01.12, Rules for Administration of Water Pollution Control Loans.  DEQ has initiated a separate rulemaking for the deletion of IDAPA 58.01.20 (Docket No. 58-0120-1901).

Negotiated Rulemaking Meeting Schedule

No additional meetings scheduled.

Method for Participating and Submitting Comments

Those interested in participating in the negotiated rulemaking process are encouraged to attend the scheduled meeting via telephone and video conferencing. Individuals interested in participating by telephone and video conferencing should contact Paula Wilson

For those who cannot participate by attending the meeting, public comment opportunities will be made available throughout the rulemaking process.

Submit all written comments by mail, fax or email to:

Paula Wilson
Idaho Department of Environmental Quality
1410 N. Hilton, Boise, ID 83706
Fax: (208) 373-0481
Paula Wilson

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Document Written Comment Deadline
Notice of Rulemaking – Proposed Rule 12/4/19
Negotiated Rule Documents and Meeting Presentations Date Posted Date of Meeting Discussion Written Comment Deadline
Rule Draft No. 2 This draft includes additional revisions made by DEQ for clarification. 8/27/19 8/27/19 9/12/19
Preliminary Draft Rule (Draft No. 1) 8/1/19 8/27/19 9/12/19
Comment Submitted by Date Received
No comments were received on the proposed rule.
No comments were received on draft negotiated rule.

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