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Mica Creek Floodplain Access Improvement Project

Project Sponsor 

Kootenai Shoshone Soil and Water Conservation District 


This project aims to restore floodplain access to Mica Creek on private land during high-water events.  

Historical farming practices diked the lower portion of Mica Creek, restricting floodplain access. Kootenai Shoshone Soil and Water Conservation District plans to remove a portion of the dike, allowing the stream to access the floodplain. This will allow sediment deposition within the floodplain and reduce sediment runoff into Coeur d’Alene Lake. This project will also help slow downstream flow, reduce streambank erosion, and improve groundwater recharge. 


This project was awarded $56,512 from Governor Little’s Leading Idaho initiative. 


This project is approximately 75% complete. The floodplain channel was constructed in summer 2023, and a portion of the dike connecting Mica Creek to the overflow channel will be removed in summer 2024. 


This project is expected to reduce phosphorus loads to Coeur d’Alene Lake by 200 pounds annually. 

Areal image of Mica Creek floodplain.
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