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DEQ lifts boil water advisory for Aspen Ridge Subdivision  

December 19, 2023 

Contact: Kelsey Carter, Drinking Water Analyst, kelsey.carter@deq,

ISLAND PARK – The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) today lifted the boil water advisory for the Aspen Ridge Subdivision in Fremont County, Idaho. 

The advisory had been in place since April 7, 2023. 

Big Springs Water Company, the entity currently responsible for managing the public water systems, collected water quality samples in December 2023 and the results came back absent of total coliform and E. coli bacteria. Chlorine has also not been detected in the public water system.  

In addition to sampling the system, Big Springs Water Company completed the following repairs: 

  • Properly vented both wells to include 24 mesh screens 
  • Replaced and secured well caps to prevent surface water and contaminants from entering the well 
  • Repaired the west well vault pump to prevent leaks 
  • Repaired all known main line breaks and leaks 
  • Installed adequate backflow prevention on all threaded taps  
  • Protected the pump house from unauthorized entry  
  • Maintained a minimum system pressure of 40 psi during maximum hourly demand  
  • Installed adequate heating in the pump house 
  • Removed excess moisture and standing water in the west pump vault  
  • Collected representative samples of the distribution system 

Aspen Ridge Subdivision is one of seven subdivisions formerly managed by Island Park Water Company (not the city of Island Park). Each of the systems have been under boil advisories or orders due to the presence of E. coli bacteria, though DEQ has lifted advisories for Aspen Ridge, Shotgun North and Shotgun South Stevens Lane. 

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