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Vendor Opportunities

DEQ contracts for services in education, training, fisheries biology, environmental remediation, hydrology, water and air quality modeling, research, and other specialty areas.

The Vendor Guide acquaints potential contractors with DEQ’s procedure for purchasing services (does not address purchases of goods or commodities). The guide covers bid notification, vendor insurance requirements, and bid format requirements. To receive a notification for bidding opportunities, submit a Vendor Form.

DEQ Vendor Form: Word | PDF

Bidding Opportunities

DEQ purchases professional services for a variety of environmental projects. Current opportunities are listed below:

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The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is seeking a contractor to provide Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services for the Bunker Hill Central Treatment Plant (CTP) and Ground Water Collection System (GWCS) and associated systems and appurtenances.

We often hire vendors for our woodstove changeout program. Visit our Woodstove Funding Resources web page for details.

DEQ seeks vendors to participate in a logging debris removal program to reduce the amount of PM2.5 emissions from burning logging debris within the West Silver Valley PM2.5 nonattainment area. DEQ will provide limited financial assistance through a voucher reimbursement system for load delivery of logging debris that would otherwise be open burned within the West Silver Valley nonattainment area.

For information related to Volkswagen Diesel Settlement projects, visit our Volkswagen and Diesel Funding web page.

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