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Schlagel Draw Sediment Management Project 

Project Sponsor 

Kootenai Shoshone Soil and Water Conservation District 


The purpose of this project is to prevent sediment runoff into Cataldo Slough from South Schlagel Road, which is upstream from the slough. The Kootenai Shoshone Soil and Water Conservation District has been working with a landowner along the road to establish what is known as a depositional area, which is a site where sediment can accumulate rather than flow into nearby water bodies. To create this area, the conservation district is helping the landowner construct several water control structures in the creek drainage.  

This project also aims to increase shade and wildlife habitat on a seasonal creek to increase year-round flow, an effort known as stream permanence. 


This project was awarded $24,293 from Governor Little’s Leading Idaho initiative. 


This project is complete, though there is opportunity to do more work in this area. Staff will monitor water levels throughout the duration of the project.  


This project is expected to reduce phosphorus loads to Coeur d’Alene Lake by approximately 10 pounds annually. 

Image of log structures on an unnamed creek in Schlagel Draw.
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