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DEQ seeks letter of interest for receivership of Island Park Water Company Public Water Systems

August 10. 2023

Contact: Tyler Fortunati, Drinking Water Bureau Chief,, (208) 373-0140

BOISE – The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality is accepting a letter of interest (LOI) from individuals and/or entities interested in being a receiver for the Island Park Water Company (IPWC)public water systems (PWSs).

IPWC operates seven public water systems in Island Park and Fremont County, Idaho, several of which have been under boil advisories or orders in recent months due to the presence of E. coli bacteria.

On July 7, 2023, DEQ filed a civil complaint in Bonneville County District Court against IPWC and the system’s owner, Dorothy McCarty, for failing to correct significant deficiencies and health hazards, failing to provide accurate and timely public notification, failing to address low or lack of pressure, failing to take required drinking water samples, and failing to identify a responsible charge operator, among other things. On July 25, 2023, a joint stipulation for court order was agreed upon, under which IPWC agreed to a court appointed custodian of the systems—also known as a receivership.

DEQ will choose the person or entity acting as the receiver and is coordinating with the Idaho Public Utilities Commission to establish the receivership as soon as possible. Until the receivership is in place, IPWC is legally responsible for those PWSs.

Role of Receiver

The selected receiver will have full control of and access to IPWC’s assets to ensure the proper operation and management of the PWSs. This receivership will continue until the systems are either purchased or transferred. The new owner will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the “Idaho Rules for Public Drinking Water Systems” (IDAPA 58.01.08) but will not be subject to any fines or penalties levied against IPWC. DEQ will work with the selected receiver to bring the seven PWSs into compliance as soon as practicable.

Public Records Request

Interested parties are encouraged to submit a public records request to DEQ for:

  • The most recent sanitary surveys for each system
  • Copies of current monitoring schedules
  • Operator requirements for each system

Submission Process

Additional information about the solicitation process can be found on DEQ’s Vendor Opportunities web page. Interested parties should submit a complete LOI by August 28, 2023. Submit application materials to Troy Saffle:

Idaho DEQ, Idaho Falls Regional Office
Attn: Troy Saffle
900 N Skyline Suite B
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402

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