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Environmental Emergency

Call 911 to report urgent environmental problems like dumping or spills.

Agency Contacts for Environmental Concerns

Responsibility for addressing environmental issues is shared among federal, state, and local governments in Idaho. Visit our Agency Contacts for Environmental Concerns webpage to ensure you are contacting the appropriate agency for information or assistance.


Interested in learning more about an environmental issue for which DEQ is responsible? If so, fill out our form to contact DEQ by email. A DEQ staff member will respond promptly.

Report an Environmental Concern to DEQ

Share your opinion about an environmental issue, express your concerns, or let us know about a possible (non-emergency) environmental violation. Fill out our online Environmental Concern Form.

Submit a Public Records Request

Requests for information to DEQ generally fall into two categories: general information request or public records request. Requests may be submitted via email, fax, mail, hand delivery, or the online form below. Fees for copying costs may apply. Learn more.

Contact a DEQ Employee

If you know the name of the DEQ employee you wish to reach, you can obtain the person's telephone number and e-mail address on the Idaho's State Government Telephone Directory.