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Compliance Assistance

DEQ is responsible for protecting Idaho’s environment and citizens from the adverse effects of pollution.


We inspect industrial sources to ensure facilities meet environmental protection requirements and permit conditions if applicable. Our inspectors are authorized by the Idaho Environmental Protection and Health Act to enter and inspect facilities unannounced.

Public Complaint Response and Referrals

DEQ is often asked by the public to respond to pollution complaints. If we receive a complaint, an inspector performs an on-site investigation to determine if a law, rule, or permit has been violated. If violations occurred, the inspector may conduct one or more of the following:

  • Provide compliance assistance efforts to resolve the issue.
  • Issue a notice to comply. This notice requires the facility to correct issues within a specified time frame.
  • Issue a notice of violation and enter into a Consent Order. This process is used for more complex violations.

Submit a complaint on our environmental concern form or contact your regional office

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Air Quality Compliance Assurance Program Supervisor

Emanuel Ziolkowski
(208) 373-0102

Air Quality Stationary Source Bureau Chief

Michael Simon
(208) 373-0212

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