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Water Quality Workshop – Call for Presentations

Please consider presenting your work at the Idaho Water Quality Workshop.  Since 1990, this workshop has provided a forum for discussing surface and ground water quality topics and opportunities for networking and sharing information.  We plan to host a hybrid event in Boise in 2022, incorporating virtual and in-person presentations.

Image of Idaho's Kootenai River.

Call for Presentations

Are you interested in presenting at the 2022 workshop? Using the form below, submit a proposal for an oral or poster presentation by December 3, 2021. We will let you know whether your proposal is accepted by mid-December.


WQ Workshop – Call for Presentations

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Workshop Mailing List

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Senior Water Quality Scientist

Hawk Stone
(208) 373-0588

Data Entry Analyst

Brenda Valverde
(208) 373-0522

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