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Source Water Protection Funded Projects

Source water protection grants are now available.
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Local Projects

  • Wilderness Ranch Owners Association: ($10,000) Install fencing around infiltration galleries to protect source from livestock on neighboring property.
  • City of Weiser: ($10,000) Decommission two wells to protect the aquifer from potential contamination.
  • Evergreen Terrace Water Association: ($9,500) Decommission two wells to protect the aquifer from potential contamination.
  • City of Saint Maries: ($8,000) Install locking gate on the access road and install fencing at the dam to restrict access to the intake and prevent potential contamination from vehicles and recreational users.
  • Panorama Hills Water Company: ($9,950) Remove chemically contaminated soil up gradient from the well. Grade the surrounding area to direct surface water runoff away from the well and fence the perimeter of the well lot to secure the site.
  • City of Teton: ($9,000) Install fencing around well house with locking gate to provide security and protect the well from potential contamination and vandalism.
  • Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute: ($9998) Protect the drinking water source for the City of Elk River by stabilizing and re-vegetating a degraded section of Partridge Creek to reduce erosion. Limit access to the restored area to prevent further degradation through the installation of fences and natural barriers. Provide public outreach and education to increase the community’s knowledge about the benefits of healthy riparian areas on the river ecosystem and source water protection.
  • City of Genesee: ($10,000) Conduct a hydrogeological study of the groundwater recharge area and well inspections to identify the source of nitrate contamination. Perform a groundwater quality assessment to determine the isotopic composition of the nitrates present in the ground water. Utilize the data acquired to determine the best course of action to deal with rising nitrate levels in the water supply.
  • City of Franklin: ($8,245) Install fencing around three springs to protect them from contamination and vandalism. Install signage to inform the public that the fenced areas are protected drinking water sources.
  • Trapper Trails Council, Boy Scouts of America: ($6,800) Install a fence around Camp Aspen Ridge spring source and install interpretive education displays at Camp Aspen Ridge and Bartlett Camp sites to teach about the surrounding habitats, ecosystems, and watersheds. Boy Scouts will use these displays to fulfill requirements of the Soil and Water Conservation merit badge.
  • City of Fairfield: ($7,000) Decommission one well to protect the aquifer from potential contamination.

Regional Projects

  • Idaho Department of Fish and Game: ($14,571) Develop drought tolerant demonstration landscaping around the Lewiston office to make it more water wise and wildlife friendly, and use as an educational experience for the public. Projects include replacing non-native species with native species, using water barrels to collect and store runoff, and creating new signs that will inform the public about native species, benefits of xeriscaping, and how the public can participate.


Local Projects

  • City of Marsing: ($8,132) Install fencing around Well 1 and Well 7, and decommission Well 4 to protect the aquifer from potential contamination.
  • City of Emmett: ($10,000) Decommission two wells to protect the aquifer from potential contamination.
  • East Lizard Butte Water Corp: ($2,400) Decommission a test well that was drilled in 1990 that poses a threat to the aquifer.
  • Rocky Beach Recreational Water and Sewer District: ($2,500) Install bollards around the wellhead to protect the exposed wellhead from damage from residential vehicle traffic and snowplows.
  • Avery Water and Sewer: ($4,000) Decommission Well #1 to protect the aquifer from potential contamination.
  • City of Newdale: ($10,000) Install security fencing for the new primary water supply well for the City of Newdale.
  • Lewis Soil Conservation District: ($5,160) Provide a series of educational brochures, workshops and displays to help homeowners and landowners with fertilization, chemical use, proper BMP's to prevent potential contamination of ground water that supplies drinking water to the City of Craigmont.
  • City of Deary: ($9,910) Install security fencing surrounding wells and post "Source Water Protection" signs in and around the well area.
  • Bennington Water System, Inc.: ($10,000) Develop and implement a 5-year, sustainable public outreach and education program for water system water users and the surrounding community on the need for source water protection and install new security fencing with a locking gate around the old #1 spring.
  • City of Lava Hot Springs: ($10,000) Install a 6' chain link security fence around municipal water protection area (Fish Creek Springs) to eliminate risks identified in the City of Lava Hot Springs' Water Source Protection Plan 2012 update.
  • City of Heyburn: ($9,505) Decommission Well #1 to protect the aquifer from potential contamination.

Regional Projects

  • Bonner Soil & Water Conservation District: ($19,996) Develop an educational campaign on drinking water protection for the communities of Dover and Laclede, which use the Pend Oreille River as their drinking water source. The education campaign will include radio ads, advertisements and articles in local media, mailed brochures, door to door distribution of the Lake*A*Syst Shoreline Guidebook, signage in high-traffic areas, an online “Drink Tap Water” pledge, and public presentations. The campaign will raise awareness of source water protection for customers that get their drinking water from the Pend Oreille River.


Local Projects

  • City of New Plymouth: ($12,600) Decommission three wells that poses a risk to the aquifer.
  • City of Fruitland: ($20,000) Decommission four wells that pose a risk to the aquifer.
  • City of Priest River: ($16,840) Install security cameras and provide education on surface water sources to homeowners and recreational users.
  • Santa W&S District: ($5,846) Decommission Well #1 to protect aquifer.
  • City of Challis: ($14,700) Educate citizens on source water protection (SWP) and develop SWP plan.
  • North Tomer Butte W&S District: ($2,495) Fence Eastman well with locked gate.                              
  • Orofino High School: ($17,734) Conduct school stream monitoring
  • Fairview Water District: ($19,500) Fence spring source water area.
  • City of Jerome: ($5,500) Conduct source water protection education campaign for communities that impact Jerome’s drinking water source.    

Regional Projects

  • North Kootenai W&S District: ($39,352) Abandon one well and fence multiple drinking water sources.   
  • Friends of the Teton River: ($28,070) Develop a drinking water source protection plan for Teton County.        
  • City of Lewiston: ($25,000) Develop a well abandonment education program and database.              
  • Franklin Soil & Water Conservation District: ($9,850) Create a public water system coalition and host a water festival in Cub River Watershed.        
  • Balanced Rock SCD: ($10,400) Conduct a water quality sampling project and provide nutrient management BMP education.


Local Projects

  • City of Melba: ($3,500) Decommission municipal well that poses a risk to the public drinking water source.
  • Cave Bay Community Services: ($1,600) Install fence around wellhead.
    Northwest Academy/Ascent: ($2,135) Install fence around drinking water spring source.
  • Fernwood Water and Sewer District: ($13,985) Install fence and gate around drinking water well.
  • City of Ucon: ($13,000) Install a security fence around the perimeter of new well #3 and properly decommission well #2.
  • Rapid River Water and Sewer District: ($10,308) Install fence, lights and signs, and grading for surface water drainage away from well.
  • Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute: ($11,706) Conduct Clean Water Festival at Partridge Creek for 2nd and 6th graders.
  • City of Downey: ($18,000) Develop a watershed protection plan.
  • City of Dayton: ($20,000) Fence spring source areas and grade area to direct surface water away from springs.

Regional Projects

  • Valley County: ($17,250) Hold county household hazardous waste collection event and education pilot project.
  • Fremont County: ($20,000) Conduct countywide education project on source water protection and on-site wastewater systems.
  • Clearwater Soil and Water Conservation District:($20,000) Educate residents on water quality and complete “Home-a-syst” with homeowners on the Clearwater River.
  • Bannock County:($20,000) Support a source water protection overlay district in Bannock County with education and outreach.


Local Projects

  • Meadows Park Water Users Association: ($17,300) Decommission one well that presents a risk to the public water source and perform a down-hole camera study on two other wells to identify if the well casing is compromised and poses a risk to aquifer.
  • Santa Water and Sewer District: ($19,488) Install fencing and gates around drinking water source and construct a well house to enclose the well to provide additional security and protection to the drinking water source.
  • Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute: ($9,854) Conduct the Elk River Clean Water Festival for 2nd and 6th graders.
  • City of Jerome: ($6,585) Install security improvements that includes additional lighting around the well house building and new motion detectors for the alarm at A Street Well.
  • City of Preston: ($7,000) Install new fence and repair old fence at spring sources.
  • Franklin City: ($5000) Install fence at spring source.
    City of Iona: ($1,250) Purchase outreach supplies for water awareness week for students.
  • City of Rexburg: ($7,500) Decommission five wells that pose a risk to the drinking water aquifer.
  • City of Darby: ($6,200) Install fence around spring source and re-seed spring area.

Regional Projects

  • Balanced Rock Conservation District: ($12,875) Identify land use practices within a quarter-mile corridor on either side of the irrigation drain tunnels, and work with landowners to educate and adopt best management practices to protect both ground water and surface water sources.
  • City of Lewiston: ($20,000) Develop water wise demonstration project to use as an outdoor classroom for hands-on conservation education to demonstrate importance of water conservation and demonstrate how to use less water, fertilizer and herbicide.
  • Bonner Soil and Water Conservation District: ($8,000) Provide regional information and training to lake shore residents served by public water systems (PWS) in northern Idaho receiving drinking water from lake sources. Work with residents to demonstrate lake shore best management practices (BMPs) to protect drinking water sources.


Local Projects

  • Clearwater Water District: ($5,500) Fund a geologic study to evaluate ground water information to locate uncontaminated drinking water source.
  • Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute: ($11,385) Conduct a “Clean Water Festival” at Partridge Creek for 2nd through 6th grade children from Elk River, Bovill, and Deary, Idaho. The festival will focus on the link between watershed ecology and drinking water and will include education, restoration and monitoring.
  • Curley Creek Water Association, Inc.: ($6,000) Relocate backwash pit and install a chain link fence around the perimeter of the well and pump house (located on the same lot 30 feet apart).
  • City of Homedale: ($17,606) Decommission three wells that pose a threat to the drinking water source.
  • City of Paul($3,933) Decommission well that poses threat to drinking water source.
  • City of Mackay: ($6,500) Construct a security fence around well.
  • Bloomington City: ($7,500) Install fence around the spring area.
  • City of Harrison: ($2,600) Install fence around wellhead and provide concrete in shop floor to minimize any leakage from vehicles and equipment.
  • City of Sandpoint: ($5,250) Install two new gates with signage to former logging roads in watershed and add signage to educate public on protecting watershed/source water protection area.
  • Whitney Nashville Water Company: ($6,200) Survey property boundary and fence two spring sources.

Regional Projects

  • Tri-State Water Quality Council: ($19,998) Develop and implement a region-wide education and awareness campaign focusing on the interaction of septic systems, ground water, and surface waters.
  • West Cassia Soil & Water Conservation District: ($20,000) Conduct specialized monitoring for emerging contaminants and isotopes in the Springdale/View area to identify sources of contamination to the drinking water aquifer.
  • City of Moscow: ($7,000) Provide information and educational materials and sample demonstrations through various printed and public media venues regarding the importance of preventing contamination of existing water sources and the protection of ground water.

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Source Water Coordinator
Amy Williams
DEQ State Office
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