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Water Quality Plans & Reports in DEQ's Lewiston Region

Subbasin Assessments and Total Maximum Daily Loads

Listed below are subbasins in which subbasin assessments (SBAs) and/or total maximum daily loads (TMDLs) have been completed for water bodies in DEQ's Lewiston Region. Click on the subbasin name to link to an overview of water quality in the subbasin, a list of streams and pollutants for which TMDLs were developed, and related documents, including subbasin assessments and TMDLs, addenda, implementation plans, and 5-year reviews. (Access the statewide list of SBAs/TMDLs here.)

Ground Water Studies and Reports

Surface Water Studies and Reports

Lewiston-Clarkston Aquifer Atlas

LCV Aquifer Atlas
The Lewiston Plateau Groundwater Management Committee’s Lewiston-Clarkston Valley (LCV) Aquifer Atlas is in development. This Google Earth map highlights many  important features of our local aquifer system, including landmarks, geologic/hydrologic features, and public services & utilities. The LCV Aquifer Atlas includes features and resources from Washington and Idaho as communities share many of the same water resources.

The ultimate goal is to develop a print version of the LCV Aquifer Atlas to be a widely-accessible compendium of information for local water resources. It is intended for regional use in education and planning, as well as a source for general technical information. Our hope is to equip the public with the best possible information to become good stewards to protect, preserve, and improve water resources.

This downloadable file will be updated monthly until finalized.

Thank you to everyone that has contributed to the atlas so far. More information will be available for our partners in the near future.

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