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Southfork Clearwater River Watershed Advisory Group (WAG)

WAG Documents: Meeting Materials and Agendas, Review Documents, and Resources

Watershed Advisory Groups (WAGs) are groups of citizens that provide DEQ with local input and guidance regarding specific watersheds. WAGs advise DEQ on development of water quality improvement plans called Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs), and provide guidance on how to implement water quality improvements. WAGs also advise DEQ during periodic checkups on TMDLs. Idaho Code §39-3611(7) requires DEQ to review approved TMDLs every five years to evaluate if assumptions, analyses, targets, and loads developed in TMDLs are still appropriate, or changes are needed.

The 2000 Cottonwood Creek 2004 South Fork Clearwater River TMDLs were developed to address impaired waters within the South Fork Clearwater River Basin (Hydrologic Unit Code 17060305) (Figure 1). Because these TMDLs addressed waters within the Nez Perce Reservation, they were developed under a memorandum of agreement (MOA) between DEQ, the Nez Perce Tribe, and the US Environmental Protection Agency. Separate WAGs were formed to support development of the Cottonwood Creek TMDLs and South Fork Clearwater TMDLs, but there was considerable overlap of WAG members.

Beginning in 2020, DEQ will form a WAG to advise DEQ during the TMDL review process required by Idaho Code §39-3611(7) and advise DEQ on all waters within HUC 17060305. DEQ will present information and seek advice from the WAG and interested stakeholders in public meetings. Materials related to the TMDL review process, including public meeting dates, meeting agendas and minutes, reports, and other documents will be publicly available through this website.

Next Scheduled Meeting Date

Wednesday September 23, 2020 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. PST
Meeting Agenda and Participation Information

SF-CLEAR Database

DEQ is developing a public database of water quality data collected in the South Fork Clearwater watershed, the SF-CLEAR database. The database is intended to promote monitoring coordination among agencies, and facilitate stakeholder data access during the WAG process. The database is a work in progress, and will be periodically updated during the WAG process. The current draft version of the SF-CLEAR database can be accessed using an online dashboard.

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