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Draft 401 Certification - River District Subdivision - Cascade River LLC

Accepting Comments from October 14, 2020 to November 4, 2020

This action would authorize the applicant to construct a 122-acre mixed-use development. The development will include single family lots, cottage lots, townhouse lots, multi-family lots, commercial lots, common lots as well as utilities, roads, parking areas, and other associated uses. The subdivision will be built in five phases over a 10-year period.

Based on its review of the joint application for permit, DEQ certifies that if the permittee complies with the terms and conditions imposed by the permit along with the conditions set forth in this water quality certification, then there is reasonable assurance the activity will comply with the applicable requirements of the Clean Water Act, the Idaho water quality standards, and other appropriate water quality requirements of state law. (ACOE Permit Application Number: NWW-2019-00577-B03)

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