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Navy Addendum to 1995 Settlement Agreement

On June 4, 2008, the state of Idaho and the Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program finalized an agreement (Addendum to 1995 Settlement Agreement) extending the nuclear Navy operations at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) beyond 2035.


The nuclear Navy began operations at the INL in 1949, constructing the first nuclear submarine prototype for the USS Nautilus.  In the intervening decades, the Navy built other prototypes and conducted training for personnel to operate reactors for submarines and surface ships.  Current Navy operations at the INL focus on spent fuel examination and preparation for disposal to a repository outside Idaho.

The 1995 Settlement Agreement requires all naval spent nuclear fuel to be removed from water pool storage by December 31, 2023, and for all spent fuel to be removed from Idaho by January 1, 2035.


The addendum allows the Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program to continue operations in Idaho and provides assurances for the removal of Navy spent nuclear fuel beyond 2035.

Key Provisions

  • Requires all legacy spent nuclear fuel prior to 2017 be out of water pool storage by 2023
  • Requires spent nuclear fuel after 2017 be in water pool storage no longer than 6 years
  • Limits the total volume of spent nuclear fuel allowed in storage after 2035 to 9 metric tons heavy metal
  • Continues the limit on annual shipment amounts of spent nuclear fuel to INL after 2035
  • Continues the reporting and notification requirements on naval spent nuclear fuel after 2035
  • Retains jurisdiction with the court to enforce the terms and conditions of the addendum