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DEQ seeks comment on proposed plan to lower temperature, sediment, and bacteria in Beaver-Camas subbasin

August 24, 2021

Clark County — The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) seeks comment on a proposed plan to lower temperature, sediment, and bacteria in the Beaver-Camas subbasin.

The subbasin is located in southeastern Idaho, contiguous to the Montana border, with the majority located in Clark County and portions in Jefferson and Fremont Counties.

Starting in 2016, several subbasin tributaries were listed as impaired waters for temperature, E. coli, combined biota/habitat bioassessments, and/or sedimentation/siltation criteria. The primary source of nonpoint pollution is from elevated temperatures due to the loss of riparian habitat resulting from agricultural practices. In addition to temperature, portions of Camas Creek was found to be impaired with sedimentation due to streambank erosion.

Under the Clean Water Act, states are required to develop total maximum daily loads (TMDLs) when state water quality standards are not achieved. To comply with these requirements, DEQ prepared the draft Beaver-Camas Subbasin Total Maximum Daily Loads and 5-Year Review, which establishes water quality targets and load capacities, estimates existing pollutant loads, and allocates responsibility for load reductions needed to return listed waters to a condition meeting Idaho’s water quality standards. It also identifies implementation strategies—including reasonable time frames, approach, responsible parties, and monitoring strategies—necessary to achieve load reductions and meet water quality standards.

The Beaver-Camas Subbasin Total Maximum Daily Loads and 5-Year Review can be accessed on DEQ’s website, at DEQ’s State Office (1410 N. Hilton Street), and at DEQ’s Idaho Falls Regional Office (900 N. Skyline Drive, Suite B).

Written comments will be accepted through September 23, 2021, at 5 p.m. MDT. Submit comments electronically or by mail or email to:

Destiny Locke
Idaho Falls Regional Office
900 N. Skyline Drive, Suite B
Idaho Falls, ID 83402

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