Protecting Public Health and the Environment.

For Engineers and Developers

Engineers and developers who work on public drinking water and wastewater projects will find checklists and guidance documents to assist in designing these systems in this section of DEQ's website.

Engineering Project Submittal Flowcharts

Checklists for Plan & Specification Reviews for Engineers and Developers

Checklists can be helpful tools to ensure important but non-routine considerations are not overlooked and the plan & specification application package is complete. For reviewers, completed checklists often expedite plan and specification review. Access checklists for drinking water and wastewater construction projects here.

Guidance for Engineers & Developers

Guidance does not have the force and effect of law or rule. Rather, it is designed to serve as primary reference tools to assist those impacted by agency actions to comply with laws and rules. The documents may include memoranda, manuals, policy statements, interpretations of law or rules, and other material that are of general applicability, whether prepared by the agency alone or jointly with other persons. In some cases, guidance consists of recommended best management practices. Learn more.

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