Protecting Public Health and the Environment.

Idaho Environmental Guide for Local Governments: Construction Activities

Disturbances of soil and rock during construction can create the potential for erosion and sedimentation of nearby canals, streams, rivers, and lakes.

  • To protect surface water, consider requiring implementation of best management practices for projects that disturb soil or rock.
  • Construction sites are required to obtain a permit from EPA to discharge stormwater to a water body or to a municipal storm sewer. If a project involves de-watering of ground water during excavation, discharges from this process must be treated to prevent excessive sediment and turbidity from entering surface water.
  • If a construction project disturbs more than one acre of land (or is part of a larger common development that will disturb more than one acre), the operator is required to apply for a permit from EPA after developing a site-specific Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan. Operators must document erosion, sediment, and pollution controls they intend to use, inspect the controls periodically, and maintain best management practices through the life of the project.