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Idaho Environmental Guide for Local Governments: Concentrated (or Confined) Animal Feeding Operations

The following information should be reviewed for projects that involve concentrated (or confined) animal feeding operations (CAFOs):

  • The Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) is the primary agency that regulates CAFOs. Prior to approving a CAFO, contact ISDA.
  • A CAFO siting process conducted prior to approving a CAFO permit can help determine environmental risks. Projects may qualify for state CAFO siting through ISDA. If a county requests a siting through ISDA, representatives from the Idaho Department of Water Resources, ISDA, and DEQ may review a site proposed for a CAFO, determine environmental risks, and submit a site-suitability determination.
  • For proposed CAFOs, consider a requirement for an odor management plan, as the development of such a plan is not included within the CAFO siting process.
  • Contact EPA for more information on CAFOs.

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