Protecting Public Health and the Environment.

Assistance & Resources

Idaho’s environmental laws, rules, and programs can be complex and difficult to understand. DEQ’s assistance and education efforts are aimed at helping citizens, schools, businesses, and communities learn about required as well as recommended actions to protect the environment and public health and encouraging them to make healthy, sustainable choices.

Interactive Mapping and GIS Data

DEQ's interactive mapping applications provide a relatively easy way to view GIS data in a web browser interface.  View here.

Conferences, Trainings, and Workshops

Periodically DEQ hosts conferences, trainings, and workshops on environmental topics to provide environmental professionals and other interested parties an opportunity to network and learn about air quality, water quality, and waste management issues of interest and concern. Learn more.

Educational Tools

The environment is a fascinating subject for teachers, students, environmental professionals, and citizens alike. Resources are available on the pages below for teachers, students, and others who wish to know more about pollution and how to prevent it. Learn more.

Environmental Guide for Local Governments

The Idaho Environmental Guide is a resource created to help elected officials and communities understand and manage their environmental responsibilities while preventing pollution and working toward sustainability. Access the guide here.

Industry-Specific Assistance

Certain industries in particular are impacted by environmental regulations. Resources are available for owners and operators of certain types of businesses to help them learn about how to comply with applicable air, water, and waste regulations. Learn more.

For Engineers & Developers

Engineers and developers who work on public drinking water and wastewater projects will find checklists and guidance documents to assist in designing these systems in this section of DEQ's website. Learn more.

Compliance & Enforcement

Compliance activities include traditional enforcement methods, such as inspections and public complaint response, as well as technical assistance and education and outreach. Learn more.

Quality Assurance

Among DEQ's principles and values is a firm commitment to reliance on science to guide the agency's decisions and actions. DEQ's Quality Management program provides the framework for systematic planning, implementation, and review of data collection activities and the use of data in the decision-making process.  Learn more.

Wildfire Recovery

After a wildfire, recovery efforts should take into account various environmental and public health issues that are sometimes overlooked and can cause future problems. Learn more.

Flood Information

Some  parts of  Idaho can experience  severe  flooding  as  a result of spring rains, heavy thunderstorms, rapid winter snowmelt, or the impact of wildfires in the state’s watersheds. Get information on how to prepare before, during, and after a flood. Learn more.

New Business Guide

Thinking about starting a new business in Idaho? Learn about environmental standards and regulations in DEQ's New Business Guide: