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Burn Requests and Approvals

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The map below shows locations in the state of Idaho with final approval for crop residue burning to happen on 7/22/2018

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Map Legend

Left click on a marker to zoom in & see sensitive populations. Right click to reset the map.

- Burn Requests - Burn Approvals - 3 Mile Radius Around Field Center - School - Hospital - Other institutions with Sensitive Populations (nursing homes, assisted living centers, etc)

Burn Approvals

Due to an application error, Maps on the final burn approvals (permits) are currently not displaying. Please reference the map above for proximity of burn approval locations to Institutions with Sensitive Populations.

There are no approved burns for the selected date.

Burn Requests

- (These requests are not approved for today)
Registration Number County Field Name Crop Type Acres View Registration
CRB2018-113 IDAHO 57 below track Kentucky Bluegrass 53 View Registration
CRB2018-101 NEZ PERCE front pasture Pasture 5 View Registration
CRB2018-101 NEZ PERCE back pasture Pasture 5 View Registration