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Forest Practices Audits

In summer 2016, with assistance from the Idaho Department of Lands, DEQ conducted audits of 65 timber sales throughout Idaho. The audits will evaluated compliance with the Idaho Forest Practices Act and are a required part of the Idaho Nonpoint Source Management Plan. The final report was completed in January 2017.

Silvicultural activities in Idaho are regulated by the Forest Practices Act (IDAPA 20.02.01). The Act applies to private, state and federal timberlands, and implements the goals and objectives of the Idaho Nonpoint Source Management Plan. The Idaho Department of Lands is responsible for implementing the Forest Practices Act, and ensuring compliance with its management prescriptions. DEQ is responsible for ensuring that the Act provides adequate protection to surface water. To this end, DEQ conducts audits of the state’s timber harvests every four years.

The audit team examined active and recently completed harvesting operations across the state on federal, state and private ownerships. The report documents compliance and also suggests modifications to a few rules that did not appear to be providing adequate protection of water quality. These recommendations will be taken up by the Forest Practices Act Advisory Committee (FPAAC) for consideration of future rule changes as provide a basis for improved training and instructional materials. This process ensures that Idaho’s BMPs and rules are based on the best available science.

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Senior Water Quality Scientist
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