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COVID-19 Wastes

HEALTHCARE FACILITIES: The most current information on COVID-19 indicates that personal protection equipment (PPE) and other wastes that may be contaminated with the virus should be managed with, and in the same manner as medical waste. Hospitals, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, special COVID-19 testing sites, and any other facility where waste PPE is generated in significant numbers should coordinate with their medical waste transporter and make plans for an increase in medical waste volume. Please be aware that PPE thrown in the trash and not managed as medical waste can be transferred to numerous vehicles and waste sites before being landfilled, potentially exposing a significant number of sanitation workers to the waste.

HOUSEHOLDS: In order to protect sanitation workers, households with residents infected or suspected to be infected with COVID-19 should carefully and tightly enclose any waste that may be contaminated with the virus in heavy-duty bags, double-bag the waste, and ensure that curbside containers are not overfilled so the lids can close completely. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling any COVID-19 waste.

The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality is monitoring COVID-19 waste issues and will update this information as necessary. Please contact your DEQ regional office or the Solid Waste Program Manager at 208-373-0121 if you have any questions.

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Matthew Beeter
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