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Lewiston Region

DEQ's Lewiston Region in northern Idaho includes Clearwater, Idaho, Latah, Lewis, and Nez Perce Counties. The region is home to about 7.8% of the state's population, as well as both the University of Idaho and Lewis-Clark State College. The region covers 16.5% of the state's geographical area and contains more designated wilderness than any other DEQ region.  Lewiston, the largest city in the region, boasts Idaho's only seaport (on the Clearwater River) and has the lowest elevation of any town in Idaho (738 feet). Other major cities include Moscow, Grangeville, and Orofino. The Lewiston Region shares its borders with Oregon, Washington, Montana, and the Nez Perce Tribe, prompting coordination of shared resources. Timber product industries and recreation are important to the economic base of the region.

The Lewiston Region is known for the timbered watersheds of the Clearwater, Selway, Palouse, and Lochsa Rivers; the Snake River Canyon and Salmon River Basins; and the rolling hills of the Palouse and Camas Prairies.  Perhaps the most notable natural feature of the Lewiston Region is the varied topography: both mountains and canyons dominate the landscape. The most notable of these canyons is Hells Canyon, the deepest gorge in North America. The best known is likely the Salmon River Canyon, which attracts whitewater rafters from around the world.

COVID-19 Response

To help slow the spread of COVID-19, the Lewiston Regional Office is open by appointment only. Please see important resources and updates at COVID-19 Response.

Please contact the followng staff for service:

  • John Cardwell, administrator (208) 791-5701
  • Michael Camin, engineering (208) 651-1583
  • Phil Hagihara, air quality (208) 791-0640
  • Sujata Connell, surface water (208) 553-6831
  • Dana Harper, waste management (208) 880-8703
  • Kally Reno, deliveries (208) 799-4370

Clearwater Basin Advisory Group

The Clearwater Basin Advisory Group consists of 10 members appointed by the director to represent stakeholder groups from northern Idaho. The BAG meets periodically to advise DEQ on surface water issues throughout the region. Learn more.

Lindsay Creek & Hatwai Creek Watershed Advisory Group

DEQ is reviewing the Lindsay Creek and Hatwai Creek TMDLs. This page provides information for the WAG and general public during the TMDL review process. Learn more.

Southfork Clearwater River Watershed Advisory Group

The SF Clearwater River WAG advises DEQ during the TMDL review process required by Idaho Code §39-3611(7) and advises DEQ on all waters within HUC 17060305. DEQ will present information and seek advice from the WAG and interested stakeholders in public meetings. Materials related to the TMDL review process, including public meeting dates, meeting agendas and minutes, reports, and other documents will be publicly available through this website. Learn more.

Water Quality Plans & Reports

Subbasin assessments and surface water quality improvement plans have been developed for a number of water bodies in DEQ's Lewiston Region. In addition, numerous studies have been conducted of ground water resources in the area. Access the plans and reports here.

Engineering Projects

DEQ's Lewiston Region maintains an electronic document submittal system. Access the submittal system here.

DEQ Lewiston Regional Office

1118 "F" St.
Lewiston, ID 83501
(208) 799-4370
toll-free: (877) 541-3304

Staff Contacts

Regional Administrator
John Cardwell
(208) 799-4370

Air Quality Manager
Philip Hagihara
(208) 799-4370

Water Quality Engineering Manager
Michael Camin
(208) 799-4370

Surface Water Quality Manager
Sujata Connell
(208) 799-4370

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