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Notice of Pending Public Comment Period

DEQ provides an Idaho Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (IPDES) draft permit to facilities for preliminary review. The facility has a number of days to review the preliminary draft permit and fact sheet for errors or omissions. DEQ will revise the preliminary documents as needed, then notify the public of the start of a 30-day public comment period.

Facility Date Review Period
There are no documents out for review at this time.    

Public Comment Opportunities

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DescriptorOpen DateClose DateRelated Document(s)DEQ Staff Contact
Water - Draft 401 Certification - Nez Perce County Highway Department Southwick Road Realignment Project01/22/1902/12/19Draft Certification

Supporting Documents
Mark Sellet
(208) 799-4896
Water - Draft Water Reuse Permit Renewal - City of Kuna01/18/1902/18/19Draft Permit

Staff Analysis
Tom Talley
(208) 373-0560
Water - Proposed Revisions to Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems Guidance Manual01/09/1902/08/19Section 1.9.5: Property Owner Operation, Maintenance, or Monitoring Requirements

Section Pressurization Unit

Section Sand Mound Absorption Bed Cell Design

Section 5.5: Approved Nondischarging Products
Rachael Smith
(208) 373-0249
Water - Draft 401 Certification - Boise River Flood District #10 New Dry Creek Diversion Side Channel Stabilization Project 01/08/1901/29/19Draft Certification

Supporting Documents
Julia Achabal
(208) 373-0550
Water - Draft 401 Certification - Trestle Creek Investments Pend Oreille Lake Marina Project01/07/1902/06/19Draft Certification

Supporting Documents
June Bergquist
(208) 666-4605
Water - Draft Water Reuse Permit Renewal - City of St. Maries12/31/1801/31/19Draft Permit

Staff Analysis
Matthew Plaisted
(208) 666-4622
Water - Draft Certification of Hells Canyon Complex Project12/14/1802/12/19Draft Certification

2018 Hells Canyon Water Quality Certification Application

2018 Hells Canyon Water Quality Certification Application Exhibits

Draft Stipulated and Implementation Agreement

Waiver Request

Waiver Attachment 1 and 2
Barry Burnell
(208) 373-0194