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Sun Valley Bronze recognized for pollution prevention achievements at its Bellevue and Carey facilities

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

BELLEVUE – Sun Valley Bronze has been recognized as a Pollution Prevention Champion by the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for its successful efforts to use less hazardous chemicals, reuse waste heat from its foundry, and recycle manufacturing scrap at its Bellevue and Carey facilities.

“Sun Valley Bronze has shown tremendous leadership in reducing its environmental footprint. The residents of the Wood River Valley and indeed all throughout Idaho can learn so much from what they have been able to accomplish,” said Ben Jarvis, DEQ’s pollution prevention coordinator.

Pollution prevention is any technique used to reduce or eliminate pollution generated. In contrast to most pollution control strategies that manage a pollutant’s effect on the environment after it has been generated, pollution prevention seeks to eliminate or minimize the amount or toxicity of wastes and pollutants before they are generated.

To qualify as a candidate for pollution prevention recognition, Sun Valley Bronze submitted an application to DEQ demonstrating how they had incorporated pollution prevention into daily operations by reducing raw materials or toxic materials purchased; hazardous or solid waste generated; water, energy, or fuel used; or air pollutants emitted.

“We are so happy to present this award to Sun Valley Bronze. It is important to recognize the time and the commitment the company has invested in reducing its impact on the environment. Doing the right thing for the environment isn’t always easy. It often involves changing processes and procedures, making significant financial investments, and taking on additional risk. Sun Valley Bronze embodies the value of sustainability and is showing leadership through example. We are excited to see what they have in store for the future,” noted Jarvis.

For more information on how to put pollution prevention to work for your business, contact Ben Jarvis at (208) 373-0146 or

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