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Air Quality: Docket No. 58-0101-1801- Negotiated Rulemaking

Rulemaking initiated to update and clarify certain air quality permitting sections.

Meetings | Public Comment Opportunities

Status of Rulemaking

Comment deadline June 21, 2018.  No additional are meetings scheduled.

Rulemaking Documents Required by Idaho Administrative Procedure Act


DEQ initiated this rulemaking to update and clarify certain air quality permitting sections. The proposed revisions include minor rule clarifications for sources seeking air quality permits or exemptions from permitting. The revisions also include resolving inconsistencies in rule language, removing outdated references, adding provisions for renewing operating permits, and correcting typographical errors.

The text of the rule will be drafted by DEQ in conjunction with a negotiating committee made up of persons having an interest in the development of this rule. Members of the regulated community who may be subject to Idaho's air quality rules, special interest groups, public officials, and members of the public who have an interest in the regulation of air emissions from sources in Idaho may be interested in participating in this rulemaking.

Upon conclusion of negotiations, DEQ intends to publish a proposed rule for public comment in the summer of 2018 and then present the final proposal to the Idaho Board of Environmental Quality (Board) in the fall of 2018 for adoption of a pending rule. If adopted by the Board, the rule will be reviewed by the 2019 Idaho Legislature.

Method of Participation/Negotiated Rulemaking

Those interested in participating in the negotiated rulemaking process are encouraged to attend the meeting at one of the following locations. Additional meetings will be scheduled if necessary. The public may participate by telephone and web conferencing at any of the meeting locations or with individual connections. Individuals interested in participating by telephone and web conferencing should contact Paula Wilson by the date provided in the table below. For those who cannot participate by attending the meeting, written public comment opportunities will be made available throughout the negotiated rulemaking process.

Negotiated Rulemaking Meeting Schedule

No additional meetings are scheduled.

Previous Meetings

June 12, 2018 - Agenda | Sign-in Sheets
May 1, 2018 -
Agenda | Sign-in Sheets

Public Comment Opportunities

Submit all written comments by mail, fax or email to:

Paula Wilson
Idaho Department of Environmental Quality
1410 N. Hilton, Boise, ID 83706
Fax: (208) 373-0481,

Draft Negotiated Rule and Related Documents

Draft Negotiated Rule Date Posted Date of Meeting Discussion Written Comment Deadline

Draft No. 3.1
(This draft includes revisions to Subsection 210.20 based on DEQ review)

Draft No. 3

Examples of How DEQ Interprets the Word “Addressed” in Subsection 210.20, Revised June 12, 2018






06/12/18 06/21/18
Draft No. 2 06/08/18 06/12/18 N/A
Examples of How DEQ Interprets the Word “Addressed” in Subsection 210.20 05/22/18  06/12/18  N/A
Preliminary Draft (Draft No. 1) 04/02/18 05/01/18 05/18/18


Written Public Comments

Comment Submitted By Date Received
Comment on Draft No. 2 Stoel Rives LLP 06/11/18
Comment on Draft No. 1 Torf Environmental Management 05/17/18
Comment on Draft No. 1 Idaho Association of Commerce & Industry (IACI) 05/18/18
Comment on Draft No. 1 J.R. Simplot Company 05/18/18
Comment on Draft No. 1 Idaho Solid Waste Association (ISWA) 05/18/18


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Staff Contacts

Air Quality Rules Coordinator
Carl Brown
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Air Quality Division
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Administrative Rules Coordinator
Paula Wilson
DEQ State Office
Attorney General's Office
1410 N. Hilton
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(208) 373-0418

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