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DEQ updates its mission and vision statements

July 7, 2017


By John Tippets, DEQ Director

After becoming DEQ’s director, one of the priorities I identified for the agency was continual improvement. To support that priority, we are now making an agency-wide effort to closely examine our work processes and determine how we can more effectively measure results to show the collective impact of the work we do. This effort involves reviewing our strategic plan and re-evaluating our mission, vision, goals, objectives, and performance measures. We want to better communicate our efforts to protect Idaho’s air, land, and water and how the work we do truly impacts Idahoans.

Our strategic planning discussions have involved all DEQ staff. Their commitment to protecting Idaho’s environment and public health has been reaffirmed at each step, and they are passionate about the work they do and the partnerships and communities they work with. Our revised mission and vision statements have resulted from these discussions and staff input. And while these statements do not represent a departure from the work we have been doing, we think they better communicate in a concise and meaningful way both what we do and the desired outcome of our efforts.

Mission: To protect human health and the quality of Idaho’s air, land, and water.

Vision: An Idaho where the quality of our environment enhances healthy living and supports thriving communities.

As we move forward in our process improvement and strategic planning efforts, we will examine ways to measure the outcomes that matter to Idaho citizens and the value of the work we do at DEQ. This task is challenging, but we are committed to protecting and improving human health and the environment for the people of Idaho.

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