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Energy-efficient drinking water system upgrades will save Bonneville County homeowners association over $20,000 a year

May 30, 2017

By DEQ Grants and Loans Program Staff

Upgrades to the BlackHawk Estates/Iron Rim Ranch drinking water supply system are expected to save the community over $20,000 per year. The upgrades were made possible with a low-interest loan from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality State Revolving Fund (SRF).

Investigation required by the SRF’s Green Project Reserve Program revealed opportunities to upgrade the drinking water system that would provide energy and money savings.

An in-depth engineering review by the community’s consultant indicated that switching power service to an off-peak schedule and installing a new water storage tank enabling nighttime and weekend pumping operations would reduce power costs for the system by up to 75%.

The community switched to the recommended off-peak schedule, taking advantage of power rates that are approximately one-half of the peak weekday rates. Funded by the SRF loan, Blackhawk Estates/Iron Rim Ranch installed a new water tank, sized larger than necessary for storage requirements, to enabled the recommended nighttime and weekend pumping operations. This new schedule eliminated the power company demand charge, which was half of the current power rate.

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