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December 02, 2013

Monitoring Waiver Renewal

Most of Idaho’s community and non-community non-transient public water systems receive monitoring waivers to reduce the frequency of required chemical sampling, which has the potential to save between $700-900 per year for each source.   

Monitoring waivers do not automatically renew and do require submission of a new application for review and approval. For 2014, most systems will need to renew monitoring waivers for Volatile Organic Contaminants (VOC) and Synthetic Organic Contaminants (SOC).

Applications need to be submitted to your drinking water contact at DEQ or the health department between now and mid-2014. Applications will be reviewed after the beginning of 2014 to ensure all sampling has been submitted and the results are satisfactory. Visit the Public Water System Switchboard and select Drinking Water Monitoring Waivers for applications and more information.

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