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Interactive Mapping & GIS Data

A Geographic Information System, or GIS, is a computer-based approach to collecting, storing, and analyzing data that have spatial characteristics. The spatial locations in a GIS are defined by X,Y coordinates such as latitude and longitude. Spatial locations can show where the features are located and also define the shape of the feature. The interactive mapping applications below provide a relatively easy way to view GIS data in a web browser interface.

Interactive Mapping

Air Quality

Air Quality Monitoring Website
An interactive, map-based source of information on DEQ's air quality monitoring activities throughout Idaho.  Allows download of real-time air quality data in each location.

For assistance, contact Steve Miller at (208) 373-0432.

Surface Water Quality

DEQ's 2010 §305(b) Integrated Report (powered by ArcGIS Server)
An interactive, map-based source of information on water quality of lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and streams in Idaho.

DEQ's 2012 §305(b) Integrated Report - Draft (powered by ArcGIS Server)
Idaho’s 2012 Integrated Report was completed and submitted to EPA for review and approval on January 28, 2014. Until EPA issues its final action on the 2012 Integrated Report, this map will remain designated as draft.

For mapping assistance, contact Jim Szpara (208) 373-0485. 

Ground Water Quality

Idaho Nitrate Priority Areas (2008) (powered by ArcGIS Server)
An interactive map-based source of information on ground water quality areas where nitrate concentrations potentially degrade drinking water quality (25% of sampled wells exceed 5 milligrams per liter). The areas are evaluated and prioritized for allocating resources to develop and implement improvement strategies.

For assistance, contact Tonia Mitchell (208) 373-0250 or Jim Szpara (208) 373-0485.

DEQ Ground Water Quality Data
An interactive, map-based source of information on ground water quality analytical data collected by DEQ or DEQ contractors. DEQ investigates ground water quality in regional and local areas where contamination is known or is suspected to have occurred.

For assistance, contact Jessica Atlakson (208) 373-0121 or Jim Szpara (208) 373-0485. 

Source Water Assessment and Protection

Source Water Assessment and Protection (powered by ArcGIS Server)
An interactive map-based source of information on Idaho’s source water protection areas and potential contaminant inventory. The information acquired from source water assessments assists DEQ in overseeing public waters systems in Idaho and determining the likelihood that a water supply will become contaminated.

For assistance, contact Amy Williams (208) 373-0115 or Jim Szpara (208) 373-0485.

GIS Data

DEQ GIS Data (Idaho GIS Clearinghouse Website)

Spatial Data - Idaho GIS Clearinghouse (Inside Idaho Website)
Download Idaho GIS data in ESRI's ArcView shapefiles or in Arc/Info export (.e00) file format
Download digital topographic maps, aerial photographs, and related mapping information for the U.S. 

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