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Basics of Biosolids Management Workshop

DEQ and Northwest Biosolids Management Association sponsored a two-day workshop, taught by Sally Brown, David Ruud, Craig Cogger, Maile Lono-Batura, and Tressa Nicholas, it covered basics of biosolids management through a combination of talks and interactive sessions.

Topics covered:

  • Nutrient management
  • Risk assessment
  • Metals in biosolids
  • Land application basics
  • Emerging contaminants
  • Public perception and communication
  • Types and uses of Class A materials

Workshop Presentations

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tressa Nicholas: Overview of Sludge and Biosolids
Craig Cogger: Nutrient Management for Class B

Craig Cogger: Hands-on Calculation

Calculating Biosolids Application Rates

Craig Cogger: Biosolids to Protect Our Soils
Sally Brown: Understanding Metals in Biosolids
Sally Brown: EPA 503 Risk Assessment Process
Sally Brown: Microconstituents in Biosolids
Sally Brown: Dose in the Home vs. Dose in the Soil Workshop

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Craig Cogger: Getting to Class A - Types of Technology and End Uses
Dave Ruud: Boulder Park Inc.
Sally Brown and Maile Lono-Batura: Messaging Workshop: Who is Your Audience? What Information Do They Require? What Types of Media and Outreach Help to Illustrate This? How to Deliver this Message
Biosolids Panel Questions and Answers

Continuing Education Credits

Attendance and Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licensing (IBOL) certificates provided. IBOL CEUs issued for 1.075 wastewater CEUs. Utah, Washington, and Oregon wastewater CEUs were available.

Staff Contacts

Wastewater Analyst
Tressa Nicholas
DEQ State Office
Water Quality Division
1410 N. Hilton
Boise, ID 83706
(208) 373-0116

Data Entry Analyst
Brenda Valverde
DEQ State Office
Technical Services Division
1410 N. Hilton
Boise, ID 83706
(208) 373-0522

Course Materials

Basics of Biosolids Workshop Group Report

Calculating Biosolids Application Rates

Connections: Nutrient Cafe

Connections: Communicating Risk Assessment

Infrastructure Transformation: Wastewater Treatment Facilities as Renewable Resource Centers

NBMA Resource Library: Ode to a Worm

Worms and Biosolids

Additional Information

Northwest Biosolids Management Association

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