By Aimee Hill, Outreach and Environmental Coordinator, Grants and Loans

Upgrades to the City of Fruitland wastewater treatment plant will save the city almost 3,090,600 kilowatt-hours and $300,000 per year. The 2015 upgrades were made possible with a low-interest loan from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality State Revolving Fund (SRF). The SRF loan process emphasizes reductions to operations and maintenance costs.

The savings largely come from installing energy-efficient “green” options the city chose to fund when upgrading its wastewater treatment facility, in lieu of the more energy-intensive alternatives available.

Investigation required by the SRF’s Green Project Reserve Program revealed opportunities to upgrade Fruitland’s wastewater system that would provide additional energy and money savings. The city installed a low-pressure, high-intensity ultraviolet system along with a tertiary filter to reduce disinfection power requirements, premium energy-efficient blowers and pumps, and an advanced computer-based monitoring and control system to minimize power costs of the new plant while optimizing treatment effectiveness.

Substantial cost savings from reduced energy bills will rapidly offset the initial cost difference of the green components, and Fruitland can expect many years of continued cost savings due to the energy-efficient treatment of the city’s wastewater.

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