Protecting Public Health and the Environment.

Working at DEQ

DEQ employs a broad range of environmental professionals, ranging from analysts to scientists to engineers. DEQ also hires accounting, information technology, education and public outreach, human resources, and other administrative professionals to support core programs.

Current Job Openings

No positions are available at this time.

Hiring is done without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age or disability. In addition, preference may be given to veterans who qualify under state and federal laws and regulations.

DEQ Job Descriptions

The DEQ Analyst

DEQ Analysts research, develop, implement, manage, and evaluate programs  designed to protect Idaho’s air, water, and land resources. Positions range from the entry-level Analyst 1 to the statewide program manager Analyst 5 level. The majority of Analyst positions are in the journey-level 3 category.

Depending on level, typical duties may include:

  • gathering and compiling data
  • preparing technical reports and policy papers
  • providing technical assistance on environmental rules and regulations
  • conducting inspections of regulated facilities
  • recommending and monitoring budgets
  • reviewing and authorizing complex permits
Level Pay Grade Salary Range
Analyst 1 J
$14.97 - $27.51
Analyst 2 L
$18.92 - $34.79
Analyst 3 M
$21.39 - $39.33
Analyst 4 N
$23.64 - $43.45
Analyst 5 P
$28.01 - $51.49

The DEQ Scientist

DEQ Scientists apply their knowledge of scientific principles, techniques, and theories to plan, design, and conduct scientific projects. Positions range from the entry-level Scientist 1 to the expert Scientist 5 level.

Depending on level, typical duties may include:

  • researching and analyzing scientific data and preparing reports
  • interpreting test results and comparing with determined standards and limits
  • developing technical scientific management guidelines
  • performing peer review of scientific projects, studies, or applications and making recommendations
  • planning and implementing components of scientific programs.
Level Pay Grade Salary Range
Scientist 1 J

$14.97 - $27.51

Scientist 2 L
$18.92 - $34.79
Scientist 3 M
$21.39 - $39.33
Scientist 4 N
$23.64 - $43.45
Scientist 5 O
$25.62 - $47.09

The DEQ Engineer

Engineers are in great demand at DEQ. Work involves air and water quality, wastewater, public drinking water, and solid waste control systems. The engineer career path progresses from the Engineer-In-Training (EIT) level to the journey-level Staff Engineer. Advanced positions provide a managerial or technical alternative.

Depending on level, typical duties may include:

  • analyzing engineering data, interpreting plans and specs, and making technical decisions
  • analyzing pollutant outputs and preparing environmental permits for complex systems
  • performing field work and inspections to determine compliance with standards and environmental permits
  • providing technical assistance to industry on the application and interpretation of engineering standards
Level Pay Grade Salary Range
Engineer in Training J

$14.97 - $27.51

Engineer, Associate L
$18.92 - $34.79
Staff Engineer M
$21.39 - $39.33
Engineer, Technical 1 N
$23.64 - $43.45
Engineer, Technical 2 O
$25.62 - $47.09
Engineer, Manager 1 O $25.62 - $47.09
Engineer, Manager 2 P $28.01 - $51.49

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